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So what’s it like, you ask?

May 21, 2011


Land area: 214  square miles.

Length:  34 miles (prox.)

Width: varies, from 4 miles to about 12, give or take.

Peak Elevation: 1,332 feet.

Population: Somewhere around 185,000 people, more or less.

Latitude:  13 degrees, 30 minutes North

Longitude: 144 degrees, 48 minutes East.

Language:  English, Chamorro, Japanese

These are some of the facts I’d stuffed my head with before heading there.  One flies to Guam by way of Japan – a four hour flight, typically departing in the evening and arriving at the A.B. Won Pat International Airport around midnight.  I’ll do a separate post on the process of getting there, but suffice it to say you’re damned tired by the time the tires of the plane touch the ground.  Even though this is a US territory, one has to clear Customs to enter.   A short cab ride to the tourist center – Tumon Bay – takes all of five minutes and one immediately takes to the task of inspecting the insides of one’s eyelids.

First-timers are greeted with the following view when they awake:

Whoa, nelly!

Mainlanders oft have the impression this is a bit of a backwater – nothing could be further from the truth.  The reality is this is a playground for the Japanese, and the resort community on Tumon bay caters almost exclusively to their tastes.  There are about 14 large resort complexes (please don’t quote me on this) on this crystal-clear lagoon buffered by a reef a few hundred yards offshore.  Water temps are in the mid 80’s year-round, which makes the Pheebs quite happy as she likes her sea water warm.Tumon Bay is about 3 miles wide; we walk the beach often for exercise.  I’ve a sequence of photos which doesn’t do the bay justice, but we’ll post them anyway:This is from the Hilton Resort on the south end of Tumon, the camera rotates to the right, and:

A little more:

But wait! if you act now, there’s even more bay to experience!

All this warm clear seawater makes the Pheebs very happy.

“So….d’ya think you can live here?”  I was in the moment, and the Pheebs was pretty relaxed.  The answer came, quick as a flash.

“The ONLY way I’ll consider it is if we live on the beach.”

“You mean under one of those portable awnings?”,  I queried.  I’m always good for saving a few bucks whenever possible.  Money saved is good for the next motorcycle, I always say.

” No, dumbass.  A nice apartment right on the beach.”

Sheesh.  The woman has taste, that’s for sure.  Apartment hunting will be interesting…

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  1. delanedubose permalink
    May 30, 2011 8:57 pm

    awesome!The beaches are beautiful and you both appear to be enjoying this wonderful adventure. I love the looks of the Sunset Cafe. The beautiful palms and plants are as beautiful as the trees and plants in Key West. Not a bad way to be spending a year ! hope to see you soon ! Please keep me posted. I am so intrigued by all the history and beauty in the area where you are living.

    • dangerboyandpixie permalink*
      May 30, 2011 9:09 pm

      Hey Delane!

      Great to hear from you!

      Yes, Guam can be quite nice, and we have enjoyed our time here thus far. We’ll keep you updated via this blog – expect daily updates, as we’ve enough material to last several months and we’ve yet to travel!
      Please note you may subscribe to the blog so as to get regular email updates – and you may either forward the blog to friends via email or print out a post (if you like reading them on paper).

      There are part of Guam which are very similar to Key West – and then there are aspects of daily life which are quite different. The part we miss the most are all the great friends we have in Key West – but – this blog is a way to remain in touch, even though we are half a world away. Please make sure Bob and Debbie get a link to the blog – we don’t have their email address.

      Thanks for writing in,

      Chuck and the Pheebs.

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