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It’s just….Beachy! Part I

May 22, 2011

Hidden in the various nooks and crannies of multiple computers are pictures taken of Guam over the past three years.  The product of a semi-faulty middle-aged memory, I’d misplaced the cache of pictures taken from the very first arrival until this morning.

I was doing a work stint in Korea.  It was March of 2009, and there was an opportunity to go meet potential clients in Guam.  We’d just won a bid to do work in Hawaii a few months ago, and it was during the process of going after Hawaii work that I’d heard of the place.  So – when the opportunity arose,  it was off to Incheon Airport to hop a plane for Guam.  I realized I needed a camera to document Guam – so one was purchased a mere two minutes before this picture was taken.  Incheon Airport is a great example of how large portions of the world have not only caught up with us – they’ve surpassed good ol’ American ingenuity.  The place is clean, bright and insanely efficient – it’s possible to step off the plane, take a train to Customs, move through Customs, exchange money and be on the curb to catch a limousine bus to Seoul in about 15 minutes.

Try doing that in Atlanta!  Hah!

Okay – enough of that.  After arriving and checking into a resort hotel (the Hyatt on this visit), one beds down for a few hours until the sun rises…Alarm clocks aren’t necessary on the island.  At 13 dgrees, 30 minutes, the sun comes up as quickly and as brightly as a police cruiser searchlight on your bedroom window.  You’re not sleeping past 6:30 AM, whether you like it or not.  One hobbles down to a crazy expensive (as in $30) breakfast buffet and admires ubiquitous palm trees.

The roadside view isn’t bad either.

At this point, the time is now all of 7:15 AM, and the first business meeting isn’t until 10: 00.  What to do?  Check out the beach, of course!  Each of the resort hotels have an expanse of beach they call their own, although the beach is open to the public via several access points.  Each weekend, the locals come and stake out a personal plot where they spend the day – but that’s fodder for another post.  An hour past dawn yields the following scenes:

The sand is powder fine and nearly white.   The view north includes the Outrigger, the Reef, the Westin and the Aurora.  Spinning 180 degrees to the south finds:

You can just make out the Fiesta, the Mariott, and the Pacific Island Club in the distance.  The Mariott is huge – that’s the white building with an angle facing the ocean – in this shot it’s about a mile away.  Deceptive.

Two Lover’s Point, the Nikko and a resort I can’t remember the name of are in this shot.

The reef acts as a natural breakwater, turning the entire bay into a pristine lagoon for swimming and other water sports/relaxation.  It’s not uncommon to see a local pad down the beach,  into the water and plop down.  They’ll submerge themselves to the neck – and remain there for hours, getting out only to eat and drink.    Later in the day, the beach gets a tad more crowded, but not so much so that it’s uncomfortable.  I’ve never been a huge fan of crowds.  

Now…perched square on the beach in front of the Hyatt is this odd little monument:

I found it quite intriguing.  Anyone care to guess what it may be?

Guam had done an interesting number on my photographic proclivities.  I’ve never been much of a picture taker – but as I review the photographic record, I’m shocked at the number of photos squeezed off over the past few years.  There’s enough material stored already to keep up a daily entry for the next six months,  more or less.  While a day or two may be missed along the way, an effort will be made to maintain frequency to keep things interesting.

Along those lines:

  1. When one logs in to view the blog, there’s a little tab at the top of the screen marked ‘Subscribe’.  Click on that – register, and you’ll get an update whenever the blog is updated.  Unless you’re mildly OCD and check websites eight times a day, this is an easy way to keep up to date on all things  Guam.
  2. Comments are welcome and encouraged.  You’re seeing Guam through the lens of our experience, and certain things may not make sense, simply because I’ve done a piss-poor job of illustrating them.  If you want to see more of a specific topic, or simply complement me on my choice of mate, by all means – comment.
  3. The name of the blog is Guam and Beyond, as we have plans to visit a number of places on this side of the world while we’re here. The Pheebs has us booked to experience Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong in the next two months – so we’ll have much to share.
  4. Anticipate improvements in the blog as time goes by – I’m an absolute newbie to this sort of thing, and I’m still figuring out the myriad of features available.

Trust you will enjoy the ride.

Up next:

Tumon Bay in the evening.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. May 22, 2011 3:54 pm

    Interesting new blog you’ve set up, glad to see and read it.
    I bet you won’t have any posts about wild Roosters roaming the streets, nor photos of bumper stickers on scooters proclaiming the size of said Roosters, which is okay. Scooters don’t really have bumpers, anyway.
    Guam has never appealed to me, but I imagine after living on Key West for a while, change is what’s needed, and so this appears to be a perfect diversion.
    Carry on…

    Greg P., smack dab in the middle of Moon Pie territory.

    • dangerboyandpixie permalink*
      May 22, 2011 4:09 pm


      Glad you could make it over here. Interestingly, there are a million parallels between the two islands – roosters and scooters just happen to be two of the similarities. A post detailing this is in order – eventually. I’d prefer to remain on Key West, but one only gets one good crack at seeing the world – so this is it. We’re not leaving permanently; this could be a six month gig – or as much as five years, I dunno. Every time we think we’re putting down roots something crops up and we’re off again – sometimes it’s for the benefit of our children, sometimes a business opportunity, other times it’s been for the health and care of family members. This time it’s a mix of wanderlust and the need to retain health insurance. If you’re gonna work somewhere – Guam beats the hell out of Cleveland, IMHO.

      thanks for writing in, man!

  2. May 22, 2011 6:04 pm

    The escarpment outside the Hyatt *appears* to be some sort of machine-gun turret, most likely left over from WWII, probably of Japanese origin. The horizontal opening is what tipped me. Only my educated, Moon Pie-fueled guess, however.

    Greg P., in 86*F, humid as South Florida, WV

    • dangerboyandpixie permalink*
      May 22, 2011 6:16 pm

      That’s EXACTLY what it is! Kudos!

      I have a couple of posts planned on the remnants of history as it applies to Guam and Saipan. It’s amazing to me that nearly 70 years later they’re still finding unexploded ordinance – most recently it was a 300# bomb unearthed at a construction site. There are more spectacular sights than this – and coverage of them is in the works.

      Thanks again!

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