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Fai Fai

May 26, 2011

Not everything on this island is touristy…

At the end of Pale San Vitores is a dusty dirt road.  Follow that dusty dirt road to the end, and one finds a smallish beach with a few parking spaces.  I wandered it the other day until I noticed a small sign next to a set of steps.

A dead end.  Interesting.  The path wound up the side of a cliff – appeared well-maintained.

I’d imagined the path was part of the Japanese coastal defense – the rail and fence were not, of course. The trail wound down to a cut in the rock, and the cut exposed a very nice stretch of coast. The name of the place was looked up later that evening…Fai Fai.  A quiet pristine beach all to myself.  When one conjures images of a tropical paradise, it’s places as this which enter the mind’s eye.  No need for imagination; it was right there before me.

I kept walking.  The sand was powdery and soft; I’d sink to my ankles with every step.  After a while I noticed I was sharing this beach…

A  veritable city of crabs it was – hermits and otherwise.  Their nocturnal digging is what kept the beach sand so loose – unlike the hard expanse of Tumon Bay. Walking the water, more of the locals were spotted.

The camera really doesn’t catch the brightness of this electric blue starfish.  Then there’s this guy:

A sea cucumber.  The floors of the bays and lagoons are littered with these; they filter the water for food, providing crystal clarity we only dream about on the flats around Key West.

Yesss, I thought – this is what a tropical island looks like.  An amazing pristine beach reachable on foot a short hike from were we live.

We will be back to this amazing place, for sure.

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  1. May 27, 2011 5:55 am

    This was beautiful. Thanks Chuck. Doug, Key West

    • dangerboyandpixie permalink*
      May 27, 2011 10:34 am

      Glad you liked it , Doug!. Guam’s a lot like Hawaii, but not as built up.

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