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Sunset Grill

May 27, 2011
let's go down to the sunset grill 
watch the working girls go by 
watch the basket people walk around and mumble 
and gaze out at the auburn sky 
maybe we'll leave come springtime 
meanwhile, have another beer
 - 'sunset grill', don henley

One of the major differences between Key West and Guam is a near-total lack of beachfront bars – especially sunset bars.  We’ve been coming here for three years now, and only in the last trip or two did we discover a hidden gem – the Sunset Grill.

It’s impossible to find heading south from Tumon Bay or Hagatna; the only way one finds it is by exploring.   It’s not really a bar or a restaurant – it’s an awning hung off the back of a vacant building serving up cheap beer and really, really good barbecue.    What makes it, though, is the ambience coupled with the views.The people here are either local or transplanted mainlanders – tourists need not apply.  The owner, Shane, is a guy in his late 20’s who cobbled this place together on a shoestring; using plants to give it the appropriate ‘feel’.  It’s easily as cool as Geiger Key Marina – or No Name Pub – and more intimate than both.

Abundant coconut palms just outside the canopy add to the ambience.

The Pheebs likes this place very much.

Sunset Grill overlooks Asan Beach, one of the landing point of the US reoccupation of Guam.  What’s not to like?

All this and Pabst Blue Ribbon, too!  We will be back…

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  1. May 27, 2011 2:14 pm

    You can’t leave out the last two lines, Chuck.

    “What would we do without all these jerks anyway.
    And besides…All our friends are here.”

    Greg P. In WV, keeping Don Henley real even though he may not be so any more…

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