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June 5, 2011

The Pheebs and I did a little more exploring with the help of a hiking guidebook…

There are places on this planet which are either too picturesque to be real – and in many ways, this little beach on the windward side is one of them.  The Pheebs often thinks she’s doing the whole Planet of the Apes beach thing when we hike places as these.

The combination of decomposed coral, limestone bluffs, the reef and the sea present an alien landscape.  The Pheebs wonders if Charlton Heston is around the next point.

“We finally really did it. You maniacs! You blew it up! Damn you. God damn you all to hell!” Charlton yelled this out, digging is fists into the sand at the end of the film.   The place has that sort of feel – beautiful yet terrible.

After a time, the feeling fades – slightly – and one begins to tune into the rhythm of the reef.  The tidal pools are filled with life.

These spiny little guys are a form of sea cucumber, and are responsible for the water’s clarity, as they filter it and the sediment in search of food.

I have no idea what these little recluses are – the Pheebs called ’em sea spiders.  She was quite enthralled with the local fauna.

The locals know a good swimming hole when they see it – and they’re not afraid to hop in.  Water temps were in the high 80’s and the kids were having a great time, as evidenced by their expressions.  Interesting to note that the water depth just past the breakers is over 1000 feet… Perhaps this is not so terrible a place after all.

The book, “the Best Tracks on Guam”, by Dave and Bev Lotz, has details on over 40 scenic and historic hikes.  It will take the rest of the year to document each one – a worthy quest, methinks.

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