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Fai Fai Again

June 13, 2011

We were in pursuit of solitude, water and sun the other day, so we packed up the beach gear and headed for Fai Fai.

I find we’re carrying more and more to the beach each time we go; as we’ve developed preferences – the list of essentials has grown. The Pheebs had the light stuff; I was the pack mule for this hike.

The nest was set up at the northernmost end of the beach – far from car alarms, Japanese tourists and the like.

From there – it was all about the view.

I may be biased, but after 25 years, I’m still pleased with this panorama. Not sure many guys can say that.

Time did a number on this tree root – weather and waves, weather and waves.

Nature, in its tropical fecundity, takes root in the damndest places.

It really isn’t hard to visualize this as a quiet tropical paradise – not much is left to one’s imagination.

The umbrella/sunshade really came in handy, as we had both sun and rain on this most tropical of days.

We had been in this little quiet corner for over two hours – yet the ease of the place made it feel like 20 minutes.  Time passes quickly when one unwinds.

It’s a great little beach – secluded yet very close to home.

Our building is visible in this shot – the blue/green complex just to the left of the center building.  It’s about a mile and half – albeit a world – away.

A perfect end to a nearly perfect day.  Could it have been better?  I rather doubt it.

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