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Tokyo – Starting from the Top.

June 25, 2011
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We’ve managed to transfer all the photos taken over the past week.  For a couple of people who are not fond of photography we managed to capture about 700 images – lots of mediocrity from our amateur perspectives, but like that blind squirrel, we found a nut now and then.

For those of you who are interested, I take the mass of pix and group them into storyboard files so as to understand the message each may portray.  The photos tell the story – all I do is fill gaps with narrative so that you get a feel for what we experienced while in the moment.

The sheer volume of work has taken days to catalogue – and I’m still struggling with how best to portray the experience.   In the meantime, let’s start from the top.

I am by no means a big city guy, and with 13 million residents, Tokyo is a big city.  Scratch that – Tokyo is an enormous city.

Our room, 500 feet above the city floor, gave us an eagle’s-eye view of the metropolis.  As far as they eye could see – Tokyo.

Intimidating?  Abso-frickin’-luetly.  You see, the Pheebs has no bump of direction, and losing her in a Byzantine maze of Asian architecture was a very real possibility.   I could see the headlines now – “Man Loses Wife on Silver Anniversary – Police Investigate.”

We were in Shinjuku – several kilometers west of the city center, and adjacent to the City Government headquarters.  Nice area, very clean, quite orderly.  From our perch a half a thousand feet up, we were struck by the freeway systems.

Freeways are literally built over the city – in some places, roadbeds are 8 stories up.  To put this in perspective, buses buzz along Tokyo level with the observation deck of the La Concha – the tallest building in Key West.

So when in transit, one continues to look down on the city, as in the scene shot from our bus window, below.

I think all this ‘looking down’ does something to the mindset of Tokyo residents – but that’s just me.

Our western locale gave us a backside view of the City center.

Upon reflection, we had to admit it was rather stunning in its own fashion.  The Government complex in twighlight:

Now if we can just screw up enough courage to go down there…

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  1. Len Bloom permalink
    June 25, 2011 3:09 pm

    Hi Chuck,

    Maybe a hand-held GPS unit is in order? I’d hate to see you lose the love of your life to a wrong turn!


    • dangerboyandpixie permalink*
      June 25, 2011 4:16 pm

      Two issues with GPS:

      1. In other countries, mapping and directions are in the native language. Koreans use GPS exclusively – but no English version is available.
      2. The Pheebs will look at a GPS command and ignore it, as it can’t possibly be right.

      The solution turned out to be quite a bit of handholding – – appropriate for a wedding anniversary.

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