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An Evening in Hong Kong…

July 6, 2011

We decided to burn up some frequent flier miles and hotel points by going to Hong Kong on a lark.  Interesting city – we’ve enough to post on it for a week or two.

Whenever we go to a new city, I like to do the TripAdvisor thingie and eat out at one of the nicer restaurants in town.   One was chosen, and off we went – via subway.

Tourist day passes could be had for the princely sum of $7 each – unlimited rides all over the city on neat, clean and orderly transport.

The Pheebs went icognito, famous person that she is.

The top rated restaurant in Hong Kong, according to TripAdvisor, was Aqua Roma. so that’s where we went.

The restaurant is in Kowloon, directly across from Hong Kong Island, and atop a 30 story office centre. Very swank.

The views were simply fabulous, to quote a certain Jan from Key West.

The food was, too.  I’d ordered a ravioli plate with capers from Pantelleria – a small island off the coast of Sicily.  No, these weren’t little green goobers from a jar – these were the real deal, the size of a medium olive and exploding with flavour.

I did my best Tom Hanks impersonation to impress the waitstaff.

Don’t know if it worked, but the service was excellent.

Afterwards, we caught a Hong Kong sunset,

an amalgam of sky, mountain, cloud and cityscape.  When the sun set, the view shifted entirely to city lights.

We caught an Italian play, in English, at the Centre for Performing Arts performed by an international cast.  The play?  Not as good as dinner or the lights, so we’ll leave you with one more cityview.

A classy place, this.

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  1. Jack Riepe permalink
    July 8, 2011 9:48 pm

    Dear Chuck:

    This city is quite beautiful.

    Twisted Roads

  2. dangerboyandpixie permalink*
    July 8, 2011 9:57 pm


    We found Singapore to be much nicer – keep working your way back through the posts and you’ll see what I mean.

    The challenge to living in Singapore will be vintage bike ownership – one is limited to riding a vintage bike 28 day out of each year. The work around will be to amass a collection of ten or more, thus allowing vintage bike riding every day.

    Pretty sure the government admins haven’t thought that one through.

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