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Hong Kong Bird Market

July 18, 2011

Hong Kong had one of the more unusual markets we’ve seen to date.

Hidden at the end of this leafy pedestrian lane is the Bird Market.

No – these are not birds for eating.This is a market comprised entirely of songbirds.

Quite a few songbirds, as a matter of fact.

No – that’s not quite accurate…there were thousands of songbirds along this market road.

It seems songbirds are a bit of a hobby amongst elderly chinese, and this is where one goes to obtain them.

There were birds on display everywhere; many species represented.

One could purchase birds, birdcages and bird food at this market.

No bird seed here – grasshoppers in a bag!

They were pretty, for sure – the birds, that is.

This isn’t exactly an inexpensive hobby…

At $85 US dollars, this isn’t your garden variety pet shop parakeet.  Birds ran into the hundreds of dollars.

We found this to be a very odd market, but –

We were the real curiosity.

Pretty, pretty birds.

We felt rather sorry for them – cooped up in tiny cages, waiting.

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