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Tokyo Signs

July 19, 2011
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Okay – back to Tokyo for a spell…

We’ve tried, even on this short visit, to capture the feeling of the place.  What sets Tokyo apart from other Asian cities, in my opinion at least, are the signs.   Our Western worldview has us thinking that Tokyo signage will look a bit like this:

Or possibly a bit more modern:

Ooo!  Round eyes!


Well – these signs do exist, but they’re not all that common.  We found reality to be a bit different.

There were sections of town reminiscent of New York.

A mixture of English and Japanese on street signs was fairly common.  While I’d like to say that’s the American influence – I think it has more to do with the Brits furthering the language of commerce in the Pacific.  I could be wrong.  I’d made a note to check this place out in the evening, but we never made it back.

That’s the trouble with short trips – mental notes about certain items are lost – and we’ve no idea whether or not we’ll be back soon.  It looked cool enough to photograph, anyway.

After wandering a bit, we began to notice the sheer volume of signs.

In a cacophonous town – signs shout for attention. Not content with street level signage, the Japanese go vertical.Garish and jarring colour combinations were the order of the day.


Find love in MoMo Cafe – Yay!

The Pheebs and I debated what was being sold in this next sign…

And if someone can please tell me the meaning behind the peace sign thingie the Japanese do for every photograph, I’d sure appreciate it!

It’s not enough to be a tout on the streets of Tokyo – in one is to succeed, one has to amp it up a bit.  Touts go the full monty here – using amp stacks a rockstar would be envious of.  They’re LOUD, and they’re EVERYWHERE!  the noise level is such that it’s hard to talk at times.

When we saw this next guy – that was it for us.

It was enough to give you a headache.

We packed it in for the solitude and serenity of the Perfect Hotel.

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