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Cocos Island

July 25, 2011

Over the weekend, we decided to get off island – sort of.

We went to Cocos Island – a 100 acre retreat off the south shore of Guam.

Cocos Island is day resort – – take a ferry out to this small island, hang out at the beach, eat lunch…you get the idea.

It’s marketed primarily for the benefit of the Japanese – as are most tourist attractions on the island.

Shining happy tourists paying $75 a pop to get to the island – and then another $80 to don a space helmet for an hour.

Lots of ways to separate turistas from their yen.

I’m guessing win surfing is better than lose surfing.

Like many things on Guam – there are contradictions, and reality did not quite flange up with the shining happy space girls.

We paid $50 per person (discounted local rate)  and boarded the ferry via this picturesque platform.

The access stairs?  Not so much.

The resort, built in the late 70’s and lightly maintained since, looked all the world like a Stuckey’s transplanted to the tropics.

You be the judge.

Once we got past the dried out buffet and worn amenities, things started looking up.

For starter, the island is not infested with brown tree snakes, so the birds flock here in droves.

The flora was cool.

The Japanese appear to have a pathological fear of the jungle, which means once we ventured 30 feet past the cabana we had the island to ourselves.

The best part of the visit?  Returning.

Blue water.

breathtaking vistas.

Like the Mystery Spot or Sea Shell City, Cocos island is best viewed from a distance, allowing for flights of fantasy.

Well – at least we can cross it off the bucket list.

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  1. Clay permalink
    July 27, 2011 1:17 am

    “The resort, built in the late 70′s and lightly maintained since, looked all the world like a Stuckey’s transplanted to the tropics.”

    That is one of the most vivid, clear and concise descriptions I have ever read in my life. Especially since I just passed an abandoned Stuckeys a few weeks ago. Did they sell Mexican blankets? haha

  2. dangerboyandpixie permalink*
    July 27, 2011 5:51 am


    They had a Shop Gifts – and it was the crappiest gift ship I’ve seen in my life. imagine shelves 90% empty with widely spaced Chinese junk with Guam silkscreens….

    Seriously – I was looking for the Pecan Log.

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