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Window on the World

August 11, 2011

We’ve been at this for nearly two months – showing all manner of exotic flora, fauna and vistas from faraway places.  It’s been fun, this ongoing photoessay.  Truth be told, though, we don’t spend all that much time wandering; like most folks, we’re prone to more sedentary things – like sitting at home sorting through photos, or just simply hanging out on our balcony in the evening as the sun sets.

So – this is what we see most often.

We’re greeted with this every morning at 6:00 AM – give or take about 20 minutes depending on time of year.  Hotels, resorts, apartment complexes and omnipresent jungle abound.  The small sign at the bottom of the photo is for the local zoo entrance – since it’s across the park from our apartment – we’ve never been there.

Hopping out on the balcony yields and entirely different view.

You’ve seen it before as part of earlier posts – but it merits repeating, as it’s really quite beautiful.  Mata’Pang Beach in the foreground, Tumon Bay and Two Lover’s Point in back.

So what’s the backyard look like, you ask?

We sit below a bluff, with Pale San Vitores as our main road.  Padre San Vitores was the Jesuit priest who brought Christianity to this island, and was killed by Mata’Pang for baptizing his daughter without permission.  I wonder how many locals see the irony in San Vitores Road coexisting adjacent to Mata’Pang Beach.

I guess these insights are part of living in a place a while.

The mornings and the evenings are filled with the sound of canoe clubs.

Canoe clubs are very popular – everyone is equal when it comes to paddling – senators and dishwashers alike.  Canoes are semi-public property; there are many more clubs than canoes.  I’m thinking about starting a club with the people I work with – but I’m certain I’d stink really bad as a paddler.

Perhaps skill and endurance, while preferred, aren’t essential – we will see.

The best part of the day, however, is when the sun is low on the water and the trade winds blow cool and light across the bay.

The Holiday Resort sits across the park from our apartment bathed in coral light from a setting sun.  The building glows, overshadowing its status as a cheesy vacation package hotel with no waterfront.

The parking lot entertains.

One does not easily thread 50+ feet of truck and canoe through a resort hotel parking lot replete with tourists, tour buses and departing beachgoers.  The remaining 150 feet of the trip took 45 minutes and about 12 people directing.

This is the first time we’ve ever lived in an a multi-floor apartment with an eye-in-the-sky view.

It’s much better than I though it would be, but then again, Guam can be that way.

But then again, it’s hard to fault a front yard as this.

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