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Turning Japanese

August 16, 2011

I think I’m turning Japanese

I think I’m turning Japanese

I really think so

-“Turning Japanese”, The Vapors.

Simple statistic:  Of the 1.2 million people who visit Guam each year, 80% are Japanese.  100,000 a month.

25,000 a week.  They purchase vacation packages and reside in resort hotels.

Their presence is concentrated on Tumon Bay – and this high concentration of a single culture intent on remaining Japanese whilst experiencing a tropical US location creates a rather interesting mash-up.

Signage for businesses distinctly American, but tourist information exclusively in Japanese.  A Route 66 Bar and a Japanese bus stop; this is Guam.

The mash-up extends to architecture and businesses, too.

Las Vegas, Karaoke and massage in a building with Japanese flavor. It gives me a headache to look at it.

They’re puzzling people, these Japanese tourists. They’re almost always traveling about the island in large groups.

They come here to enjoy a tropical beach, yet go to great lengths to protect themselves from the hazards of the outside world.

And to be brutally honest, I never see them really enjoying themselves.  They appear to spend the majority of their time chronicling their vacation for the benefit of the poor slobs left back on the home island.

It’s crazy, I tell you.

What just bakes my mind, though, is how the Japanese appear to be completely unawares of their surroundings.

How can one turn one’s back on canoe races and a sublime sunset?  They prefer buffet barbecues and Hawaiian luau music at $65-$75 per person…

Meanwhile, the beachside sunset bar adjacent to said barbecue sits vacant save for a sole expat.

It’s crazy, I tell you.

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  1. August 16, 2011 1:01 am

    Damn, I thought that song was Devo. This blogs excellent by the way.

    • dangerboyandpixie permalink*
      August 16, 2011 2:23 am


      Got my scooter sorted out today – Turns out the spacer gasket I’d made to get the compression down from stratospheric levels had skinned up – what I thought was valve float was a head gasket leak. I’ll go thru it again on the weekend – but I hit 50 on the small carb today. 60 appears possible – just scary as hell on a 10″ Chinese rubber.

      Nope – the Vapors. Kind of a one hit wonder, like Wall Of Voodoo:

      I wish I was in Tijuana
      eating barbecued iguana
      I get a request on the telephone
      I’m on a wavelength far from home
      -“Mexican Radio”, Wall of Voodo

  2. August 16, 2011 11:12 am

    Do you always have a song in your head?

    • dangerboyandpixie permalink*
      August 16, 2011 12:38 pm

      Woo-ee-oo, I look just like Buddy Holly.
      Oh-oh, and you’re Mary Tyler Moore.
      I don’t care what they say about us anyway.
      I don’t care ’bout that.
      -“buddy holly”, weezer


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