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Drivin’ Across De Islan’

September 12, 2011

I’m sorry.

I’ve been remiss – not taking as many photos as I should.  Between chores and working on The Pig (yes, the bike has a name now), not many photos have been snapped.  To this end, the trip to Mike and Sharon’s house has been chronicled for your virtual touring pleasure.

The fastest way across de island’ is to go across the waist which is all of 4 miles wide.  Lots of elevation change, not a lot a straight road.

The main roads are well-marked where the side roads have virtually no markings.  I guess this has to do with the idea that if you’re from aroun’ here, you know where to go.  If you’re a tourist, you just want to know how to navigate main roads.

This is one of the big hills on the way to Yona (JOAN-ya), a speed trap of the highest order.  People like to do 60+ down this 35 MPH hill.  I put the truck in 2nd and let the engine do the work – much to the chagrin of the driver behind me.

I find driving a truck on Guam to be very pleasant, and I’m not a truck person.  Still trying to figure out why this is.

The road curves, the scenery picturesque.

Closer to Mike and Sharon’s, the road narrows and the speed limit drops.

Make careful note of this, a 25 MPH speed limit, and there’s no one in front of me.  Why, you ask?  Well…that’s a quirk of Guam drivers. You see, speed limits are largely ignored.  There’s no one in front of me as they are going WAAY faster than I.  How fast do I go in a 25?  Good question…

I’ve settled on 40 MPH as a safe speed for a 25 MPH speed zone.  Slow enough to be reasonable, yet fast enough to prevent being rear ended by an islander running 30+ MPH over the speed limit.

But then – we encounter the dread potholes, or worse yet…DIRT!  The same driver running freeway speeds in a 25 MPH zone hammers the brakes and slows to the speed of a septuagenarian  on a bicycle.

Please note both the smoothness of said dirt and the brake lights.  Dirt is utterly terrifying to the Guam driver, that’s all I can figure.

See what I mean? I was behind a particularly petrified driver the other day riding out on The Pig, and I had a hard time keeping the bike straight and upright as the driver was IDLING – yes, IDLING down the dirt road for fear the vehicle would be torn apart by dynamic forces if she exceeded 5 MPH. I should have been happy with 11 MPH in retrospect. Knowing that I’ve done 70+ MPH on rougher dirt roads in my misspent youth finds me daydreaming about passing these drivers of limited perspective and experience in the opposing lane…


Yes, I can do it and there may come a day where it comes to pass – literally and figuratively.

In the meantime, I’m content with absorbing what is, quite honestly, spectacular scenery.

 Twisty roads, palm trees and a patch of the Pacific in the distance – these are roads begging for a motorcycle.

Here’s to The Pig answering Guam’s call.

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