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Touring Singapore

September 16, 2011

Ever since going to Key West and riding the Conch Train Tour, we’ve been fans of getting on sightseeing tours to familiarize ourselves with the stuff worth seeing at a particular place.

One may spend a considerable amount of time gazing at random objects,

whereas a tour provides a condensed ‘feel’ for an area, saving literally days of trudging about in less-than-interesting locales.

We don’t recommend novelty tours.

They’re everywhere, BTW – and they’re loud , smelly and generally obnoxious.  I hear they’re coming to Key West, too.

Our favorite type of tour is a narrated double-decker bus tour, which we found quite pleasant during a recent trip to Barcelona.  We’ll have to post that here shortly – very interesting place.  Anyway, we head for the top deck and unobstructed photo op seats.

And for the record, I’m consistent.  I don’t like shoes pretty much wherever I go.

Singapore is a destination for Aussie tourists.  They reminded us very much of mainland tourists visiting Key West.  Loud, overweight, pasty white and a general air of privilege about them.

They drove me a bit bonkers after a while.

Fortunately, the trifecta of sun, open air and warmth was too much for their delicate composition and they vacated the upper deck in less time than it takes to say Queensland, leaving it to the Pheebs and I.

It was by bus we discovered the delights of Chinatown and, but perhaps more importantly, the need to give Orchard Road a mere passing glance.  Much better to learn of these things by bus than to trudge miles of shops, looking at stuff which can be bought anywhere on the mainland.

The upper deck of a bus is a great way to see a new place – pleasant and relaxing

The drivers know of the cool photo ops, making the process interesting any enjoyable even upon reflection.

If you get the chance, be a cheesy tourist.  Take the bus – it’s well worth it.





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