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Barcelona – Part 1

September 20, 2011

I’m sorry.

Between working on the Pig, working in general and generally rainy weather, I’ve not been out taking my usual complement of photos.  In in the meantime, the backlog of two month’s worth of unpublished photos has been worked through – so – to keep the blog going on a daily basis, I’m forced to punt.

In this instance, punting is kind of cool.  We go back to May of this past year and mull through our trip to Barcelona.


Both our daughters are talented artists, attending (or have recently graduated from) art schools.  They both competed for a scholarship to Europe in their senior year, and both were finalists.  By dint of an uber-achiever who just had to win every award in school (I think these are psychotic folks overdue for breakdowns in their late 20’s) Alicia was the runner up her senior year.

Emily watched carefully and when it was her turn two years later, she cinched the top spot.  When queried as to where she wanted to go, the answer was unhesitatingly, “Barcelona”.

I’ve been to several large European cities – Paris, London, Rome (to name a few) and a Spanish (Catalan, actually) city just didn’t appeal to me.

To those of you who know me, this probably comes as no surprise, but…

I’m an idiot.

Barcelona is a fusion city – it has elements of France, Spain and Italy all rolled into a province (Catalunya) with its own language (Catalan) and a laid-back vibe which, quite honestly, kicks ass.

Narrow streets filled with small shops and restaurants were a staple in the city center, opening onto a series of magnificent plazas lined with alfresco dining.

We stayed right on the tourist pedestrian boulevard, Las Ramblas, which gave us complete access to the city.  We’d have it no other way.

We were able to wander the alleys of the Historic District all day, then waste an afternoon in a plaza eating tapas and drinking kava, or in Emily’s case, Magners cider.  We had one location which knew us well by the end of the trip, and the server would just bring Emily her Mah-ga-ners, as he so pronounced it.

Emily chose Barcelona as it is the home of both Picasso and Gaudi, titans in the world of modern art, architecture and design.  She wanted to see how Barcelona influenced them,

And how they, in turn, influenced Barcelona.

If children are a reflction of their parents, then I’m a pretty smart guy, as the decision to go to Barcelona was genius.

The women in attendance thought so, too.

As any veteran family man will tell you – when the ladies in your life are happy – so are you.

A cool place, this.

We’ll share a few more photos of the adventure, if you don’t mind while we get caught up on more local content.  Trust you’ll like it.

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  1. September 20, 2011 8:26 am

    I want to go back someday:) Thanks Boo for sharing the adventure with your mom and dad:)

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