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Guam – A Tourist’s View.

October 4, 2011

They’ve left, my mainland associates, that is.

Mulling through the couple hundred photos taken whilst showing them around is interesting in hindsight.

You see, one does not spend each day doing touristy-type things when one lives in a place.  One goes about their business, and that’s that. Having visitors in town provides new insights – like the effect of storm pruning on this large tree.  It takes a terrible wind to shear branches over a foot thick – a wind Guam hasn’t seen in nearly a decade.  When it comes again (and it will) the place will be quite messy, to be sure.

Factoids crop up and are digested – like the quarter-million troops occypying Guam after WWII.  That’s more than the current population.

I’m able to snag photos and perspectives of the southside missed on prior visits.

When one thinks of exotic locales – it’s views as this which come to mind.

This one’s not so bad, either.

I was especially fond of this shot of church ruins in Umatac – a combination of light and shadows illuminating the former House of God.

It’s amazing, to me at least, to see new things every time I take people out on the tour.

A canopy of giant bamboo is not something one experiences on the mainland.  I felt as an ant amidst grass.

It struck me again, taking photos of the Magellan monument from the sea how time and perspective change:

Originally dwawn to the site of the Western world’s first enounter with Guam – entranced now by the effects of Nature’s fury on an ancient tree.  Same place – different point of view.


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