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A Weekend on Da Beach.

October 17, 2011

We had a good weekend for fun in the sun.

Not feeling much of a wanderlust, I grabbed my trusty little laptop and headed down to the pool to write for a bit – the story of the Mercenary was crafted in about three hours of plinking poolside.  Tellyouwhut – an alloy case get blinking hot in full tropical sun; had to cover my legs with a towel and type without the heels of my palms on the board near the end.

I’ve managed to get to know a few of the folks living in my building – casual small talk know, as mainlanders don’t invest much in island frendships it seems.  They’ve been inviting me to come down and hang with them; having nothing on the agenda, I did just that on Saturday.

The water brilliant and bath warm – as always.

Recall the mercenarys, misfits, miscreants and misanthrope comment?  Well, most of the occupants of the complex are the mercenary types – military doung a stint here, or ex-military working at a premium wage, as Guam is considered by mainlanders to be hardship duty.

Looks like the place is placing a strain on these two, doesn’t it?

Hardly.  I was invited into a game of horseshoes.  I’ve not thrown for 20+ years, and the last time I did, it was on rock-hard clay which punished anyone who didn’t throw a dead flat shoe by rolling 20 yards past the stake.  It was odd playing on a surface where one could finesse the shoe to the stake.

The powdery soft sand made for diffcult shoe location if one went wide; a shoe would enter the sand and travel a foot hidden from view.  This isn’t my double ringer – six points, or a “six pack”, hung on the stake by Dave, my partner at the time.  Interestingly, I’d turned out to be one of the better players that day, bested only by Jay (flawless form) and Dave.  Best I did was a ringer and a near-leaner for 4 points.  My team never lost.

While throwing, we enocountered an unusual sight:

The local couple on the far right came down to the beach with friends and a minister and got married in a ten minute ceremony.  Judging by their age and the lack of any oldsters in the group, I’d say some parents were pretty surprised when their kids hent missing that evening.  Elopement, Guam style.

Out in the sun six hours Saturday – no sunburn.  I think I’m getting used to full tropical sun.

Sunday dawned icky rainy, but the afternoon featured crystal clear blue skies.  Everyone hit the beach.

Guam beach days require the following:

Big honking tarp awnings (the more the better)

eight dozen resin chairs

55 gallon drums modified to become barbecue pits

about a hundred pounds of meat

ten 30-packs of Bud light

and bad island music played at distortion levels.  Think Lawrence Welk on accordion trying to play “Stir it Up” really fast, and you get the idea.

Thre were about three dozen such encampments on Tumon Bay Sunday afternoon – so there was about a thousand beachgoers doing the Barbecue and Bud Light thing.  That’s Guam – powered by Barbecue and Bud Light.

I walked over to The Beach Bar, laid out in a lounge chair and drank beer.

After I was there a few hours, JP, the manager, brought me a fresh warm grilled mackerel salad.  Not on the menu, it rocked.

A few on the way back photos:

Didn’t catch the sunset, as I was tired from a weekend of beachgoing.

Moments earlier, I caught this guy photographing:

As I snapped him, it dawned on me that most of the tourists here don’t photograph the sunset – their backs are to it most of the time.  I’ll never figure that out, I guess.  No Key West, this Guam.

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  1. October 17, 2011 9:57 pm

    perfect island time (not the Bud Light).

    • dangerboyandpixie permalink*
      October 18, 2011 1:44 am

      The police blotter featured a couple of guys who decided to take a “nap” on the side of the road in their car, motor running, Bud Light in hand, and a mostly empty 30 pack in the passenger footwell.

      “I had, um….four beers, officer.”

      He blew a .28.

      My six pack of Asahi (totally exotic beer to mercenaries, BTW) lasted the entire weekend, and I rode/drove nowhere.

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