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The Politics of Blogging

October 21, 2011

A few days ago, I’d though about giving up blogging.

The responses were clear; blogging should continue.  So – it shall.

There was, however, an interesting thread through several responses.  The thought was the blog is more for the blogger.

To be honest, I’d not thought of it that way.  I’d started the blog as we’d collected a fairly large backlog of photos of places we’d been to in the past few years and the ability to share a photograph while providing a running narrative seemed a good way to share our experience.

After all – how many pivoting pedestrian bridges has one seen?

An age ago, I recall attending travelogues.   Set up in a library or an art auditorium, a seasoned world traveler would flash images across a screen while accompanying them in sonorous voice.  In this fashion, I experienced China, Russia and India for the first time, and;

I liked it.  It was this sort of experience the blog is supposed to re-create for the benefirt of its readers.

If there is a selfish part to the process, it would be attached to an implied message.  We’ve been told for generations America is The World’s Bestest Country.  In many ways, it is.

Over the course of my lifetime, hoevever , we’ve become much more homogenized as a people while the rest of the world has done a fantastic job of catchup.   Other parts of the world have developed differently than we have – and that’s not all bad.

There are cities and countries which rate much higher than we do on such diverse things as quality of infrastructure,life, education, cleanliness and the big one as far as free-market captialism goes:  Per Captia income.

To be perfectly clear about this next statement:

We are surpassed by many countries on certain things, like recycling in the example above.

This may be a bitter pill to swallow, but there are literally a dozen countries in Asia and Southeast Asia which are on a path to surpass us in the next 20 years.  To the people convinced taxation and Big Government impedes us from greatness, I have a one-word answer:

Singapore.  Tightly controlled by a centeral government, with one of the highest tax rates in the region, it’s clean, well-managed, and Singaporeans have one of the highest education levels and standards of living in the world. They are positioned to become one ofthe globe’s three major financial centers – a world where the dollar is no longer king.

We need to swallow our “We’re the Greatest!” pride, look around and make decisions which benefit our children’s children.  We may start that by observing the world beyond our shores, accepting a good idea is a good idea, wherever it may emanate.

It’s a big world filled with good ideas; if we open our minds and develop a willingness to learn, we may accomplish much.

Thank you for listening.

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  1. October 21, 2011 6:04 am

    Well said! Miss you 24 more days and counting:)


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