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Reflections of Places Seen and Been

October 23, 2011

Weather has been icky all week, preventing any decent photo ops, saver for a torrential downpour similar to the one Key West recevied last week, a rain so severe it threatened to blow storm drain manhole covers.  No – I’m not making that up.

Our YTD rainfall is now over 97 inches, with nine weeks to go.  It’s supposed to start drying out by now, but someone forgot to send the message upstairs.

I’m getting ready to go back to Key West after a long stint in Guam.  I thought about the different places we’ve been to and photographed; for every photo in the blog, there are 2-3 more which never saw the light of day.  Some a result of not fitting a narrative, others simply because they were sucky pictures.  In an effort to provide an overall feel for what it was like to experience these places, the following is a photoessay on pictures which stood out, yet most did not find a home in the blog.  My thoughts on each below:

Park Hyatt Hotel Hallway.  Lighting as art – very quiet and calming.

Shinjuku street scene, Tokyo.  Waay too much advertising offset by bicycles as a viable means of transportation.  I guess one takes the good with the bad.

Fixed gear bicycle art, Shinjuku.  Hipsters are hipsters in any language, it seems.

MICA building, Singapore.  This shot is totally for Alicia, our eldest daughter who recently graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA).  The Pheebs wouldn move until I took a photo of this.  Gifford – please pester Alicia to look at this post, as the Pheebs will be quite disappointed if  she doesn’t .

Wrought iron bridge, Singapore.  Over a century old.  We knew how to build infrastructure to last and could afford to.  We’ve lost our way, I hope we find it again soon.

Financial District, Singapore.  I’ve tried to find a fund in which to use Singapore’s stability to reduce risk of inflation on my retirement savings, but one has to be a Singaporean to benefit financially.  I wish we were that smart.

Anime museum, Singapore.  Astro Boy was a personal favorite growing up.  I think it was through exportation of anime people my age and younger were exposed to Japanese culture.  We didn’t attend this museum – and upon reflection, I’m sather sad we didn’t.

The world beyond our shores is a large one, indeed – a place where many people do not live hardscrabble lives, contrary to what one sees on TV.  When one thinks of Detroit, one conjures images of abandoned houses, empty factories,  yet there are beautiful places too.  We trust sharing our experience exposes you to some of those places.

More to follow.

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