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People on the Beach

October 31, 2011

Much time has been spent observing tourists on the beach at Tumon Bay.  They’re an interesting bunch.

For starters, they’re easy to spot.  Skinny and pale skinned are the primary differentiators.  Compared to islanders, they are as haole, the Hawaiian word for “white ghost”.  Many have no idea as to the sun’s intensity here, and turn into bright red renditions of themselves later the same day.

Others are here for the wedding.  I find these most interesting, as they appear to veture outside only for the photo shoot, scurrying inside after the pix are up.  She leaves great high-heeled indentations in the sand, visible the next day.

One of the things they all do is a jump for joy shot – which has to be repeated several times to get it right on camera.  I can tell you for certain, there is no joy in the jumper after completion of this task, only sweat.

There are dozens of families with small children on this beach at any given moment; the proud parents burning chip after chip of what we used to call Kodak moments.  Kodak.  I’m dating myself.  Note the quintessential Asian crouch.  Try as I might, it seems utterly uncomfortable and unnatural to remain in that position for more than 30 seconds, yet they do it for hours.

Little girls bring a smile to my face, as they bring back memories of taking our young daughters to the beach.  Emily eating sand at Torrey Pines State Beach, bodysurfing with the girls at Vero Beach, and teaching them to surf at Gulf Shores Alabama.  The look in Alicia’s eyes when she startled a ray – her first and last time doing so.

They’re full-fledged adults now, one finding her way in Seattle and the other finishing school in Sarasota.

I wish someone would have told me to spend more time wth them as kids – to appreciate the little things, like Emily’s “Car-wif-no-top” description of a convertible.  I see parents with small children and encourage them to appreciate this time, as they grow up so very quickly.  They always give me a blank, uncomprehending smile in return.  They’ll find out soon enough.

Meanwhile, the idea of going to the beach and covering up makes zero sense to my Western sensibilities.

I also find it odd that a people so fastidious about hygiene would simply plop into the sand as this.  I can’t stand sticky scratchy sand on my body, but this is not uncommon here.  Oddly, the same guy won’t walk two feet on the same sand he laid in sans footwear…

Go figure.

I finally captured a member of the Anti-Solar League in action:

She even has gloves on. High noon, humid and 85 degrees when this photo was taken.  Made me hot and thirsty just to look at her.

This is the beach as it should be.

A Fantasy Fest girl in the sand.

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  1. October 31, 2011 8:05 am

    Very Cute:)

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